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William Penn Overview

William Penn was born in 1644, in England. William Penn was the Admiral Penn’s son. When William Penn was 23, he wanted to be a Quaker. Back in time, King Charles the Second called Quakers ‘’Naughty Subjects’’. Admiral Penn did not like the idea that his son wanted to be a Quaker. Since the Admiral Penn was so rich, he gave King Charles the second $80,000. Admiral Penn was really rich! When Admiral Penn died, King Charles was in debt. He had to give William Penn $80,000 so he could pay his debt. Instead, William asked for land. King Charles gave him land, and even named him Governor of his own land! When he came upon his land, he saw the Indians(Native Americans). The King called the Indians savages. The Native Americans and William made a Great Treaty which lasted for 50 years. Eventually, William Penn’s sons broke the Great Treaty by cheating on the Walking Purchase. William Penn’s sons were Quakers, but did very bad and naughty things. The Holy Experiment was how the Native Americans and the white men had religious freedom to do anything they wanted to do in Penn’s country and England. In England, King Charles wanted them to believe in his religions. William Penn changed that. He believed that everybody should have the right to worship and believe what they wanted too.

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